Giallo Man

Giallo Man is an italian Reggae singer and musician, whose style incorporates modern and traditional music culture, ranging from soulful “Acapella” performance to heavy-bass dub yards.

” Venice, the place where I was born, has been sold to mass tourism, so I, with my music, try to bring back (big up some) real warmth (feelings), and all those aspects that ennoble human strength against homologation”.

Giallo Man, determined to deepen the passion for reggae music and Rasta culture, set off for a long trip to Senegal, Gambia and Ethiopia. He, then, reached Lalibela’s plateau for what remained the most beautiful concert of his life.

Nobody teaches you Reggae and Gospel, as some elders revealed me when I went to New Orleans, because when you sing, you only have to give back what you were given.

After many collaborations (Moa Anbessa, Unlimited Struggle, Africa United, Puppagiallo), and performances (Rototom Sunsplash, opening act forTwinkle Brothers, Israel Vibration, Richie Spice, Beenie Man, Horace Andy and more),

GialloMan, in 2016, went to Kingston, Jamaica, where he arranged new songs with Firehouse Crew. Together they went recording at Gussie Clarke’s “Music Works” studio (now renamed “Anchor”) some exciting sessions, during which some young talents (Ras-I, Javada, G-Ras) were invited to join the italian singer for some duets.


  • Giallo Man : Firehouse Sessions

    In 2016, after many collaborations and performances, Giallo Man went to Kingston in Jamaica to work on new songs with Firehouse Crew at Gussie Cla...